Aim: Ericsson felt they were losing ground to smaller more dynamic rivals when tendering for large telecoms infrastructure projects. Typically they supplied a bound printed tender document and relied on their brand and track record to deliver the result.

Solution: Working with the client I delivered an impactful approach to their tender submission for a BT infrastructure project for the UK and USA worth several billion pounds. The tender document was bound in a bespoke aluminium folder with flashing LED on the spine, additional items included a brochure detailing Ericsson’s previous successful projects with the client and new technology advances. A presentation video written and filmed using the director delivering the tender pitch, an interactive CD with walk through of projects and services highlighted using case studies, a leather bound notebook and a Montblanc pen all contained in an aluminium case.

Results: The tender had a high level impact with the BT tender team in the UK and it took Ericsson through to final phase of the process. The USA tender certainly had impact, when delivered security thought it may be a bomb and called out the bomb squad. Fortunately BT pulled out of its partnership in the US shortly afterwards so that part of the tender wasn’t required.

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