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Aim: NowPAYG is the SIM card service offered by Nowtel. The service had a disjointed and poorly executed web presence, along with a difficult to understand purchasing system which used call centres or text message commands. However, they offered the best rates on the market for worldwide calls and the option of a UK and International call rate SIM. They had also decided to move to a system offering bundled calls/texts/web to users, using the website to deliver and manage this interaction.

Solution: Working with the in-house development team a scope of works was produced which allowed for the writing of a technical specification and wireframes which were then presented to Nowtel for sign-off. Designs were developed from the specification, refined and responsive page layouts produced for every aspect of the front-end functionality, including client account areas. The project included
• Scope of works
• Technical specification
• Design and build of responsive website
• Multiple purchase interactions
• Online Phone and SIM Bundle store
• User account area
• Built and delivered to work with a bespoke client management system

Results: A huge increase in online usage and uptake of bundles. A reduced customer reliance on the call centre (down by 40% in the first 3 months). A coherent place to promote and migrate users onto bundled offers.

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